Endexx Corporation (PINK:EDXC)

Endexx Corporation announced in March 2013 that it entered into a Letter of Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding to purchase and acquire from Hayes Pharmacy Inc., the exclusive operating technology, intellectual property, marketing and ownership rights to a proprietary pharmaceutical compliance, controls, privacy, verification and operations platform. The platform is specifically designed to service the […]

Hemp, Inc. (PINK:HEMP)

Hemp, Inc. focuses on supplying services, products, and information related to the medical marijuana industry or to those who have an affinity for the medical marijuana industry. The company partnered with Hemp.com through a joint venture agreement early in 2012. Its products include nutraceutical products designed to improve concentration and joint flexibility, increase awareness and […]

Endocan Corporation (OTCMKTS:ENDO)

Endocan Corporation is currently developing new natural cannabinoid containing products based on innovative formulations to utilize the unique and potent benefits of the cannabis and hemp plants. Medicinal properties of cannabis and hemp have been known and applied for thousands of years. With the aid of scientific research, Endocan Corporation is translating such knowledge into […]

Advanced Cannabis Solutions Inc (CANN.OB)

Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. provides services to the regulated cannabis industry throughout the United States. We lease growing space and related facilities to licensed marijuana business operators for their production needs. We are pursuing ancillary business products and services including customized plant nutrient lines, regulatory compliance consulting and advanced logistical support for grow operations.

Nuvilex Inc (NVLX.PK)

Nuvilex, Inc., incorporated on October 28, 1996, operates independently and through wholly owned subsidiaries. The Company is a biotechnology and life technology company with a specialty in living-cell encapsulation. It is focused on preparations for a new pancreatic cancer clinical trial through live-cell encapsulation of chemotherapeutic-converting cells. It has created the hardware and operating platform […]

Medical Marijuana Inc (MJNA.PK)

Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA), incorporated on May 23, 2005, is the publicly held company vested inthe medical marijuana and industrial hemp markets. The Company is comprised of a diversified portfolio of products, services, technology and businesses solely focused on the cannabis and hemp industries. These products range from patented based cannabinoid products, to whole plant […]

GrowLife Inc (PHOT.OB)

GrowLife, Inc. (GrowLife) is a holding company with multiple operating businesses that manufacture and supply branded equipment and expendables in the United States for urban gardening, inclusive of equipment and expendables for growing of medical marijuana. In addition to manufacturing and marketing GrowLife owned brands, such as Stealth Grow and Phototron , its companies are […]

Greengro Technologies Inc (GRNH.PK)

GreenGro Technologies Inc., formerly Authoriszor Inc., provides management servicesĀ for the planning, construction, staffing and operation of medical marijuana dispensaries, and nurseries on behalf of non-profit patient co-operatives. Through long term contracts, the Company operates non-profit centers, returning all unused patient contributions, on a pro-rata basis to each co-op member in the form of additional product. […]

Fusion Pharm Inc (FSPM.PK)

Fusion Pharm, Inc., incorporated on January 21, 1998, manufactures and sells a patent pending commercial hydroponic cultivation system capable of growing almost any herb, vegetable, flower, fruit or terrestrial plant better and faster than traditional farming methods. The Company is the creator and manufacturer of the PharmPods hydroponic cultivation container system. The Company sells and […]

Medbox Inc (MDBX.PK)

Medbox Inc. (Medbox) offers a machine that dispenses medication to individuals based on biometric identification (fingerprint sample). The machine allows pharmacies, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and alternative medicine clinics to manage employee possession of sensitive drugs. The system also allows these clinics to demonstrate that the user visiting the machine is a registered patient and that […]

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